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Living Paintings

How we help schools and teachers

Our library of tactile and audio books is free to join for teachers supporting blind and partially sighted children in the UK. Our children’s library offers an ever growing range of books to support blind and partially sighted children’s reading and education, from primary through to secondary school.

Weapons used in Tudor Times from the image pack

Educational books for children

These high quality, in-depth books support the teaching and learning of subjects in the National Curriculum including History, Science, Geography, Music and Art. Teachers, Teaching Assistants and QTVI find these books invaluable.

The Smeds and The Smoos open book with braille and feely picture

Touch to See Picture Books

Original published picture books by all the top publishers, authors and illustrators, packaged with our unique added extras. Fantastic for learning to read Braille and inspiring a love of books and reading.

Cards from Alice in Wonderland

Literature collections for children

Children will enjoy discovering the illustrations in literary classics and treasuries such as ‘Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends’, ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ and Roald Dahl. These packs contain at least five tactile pictures, each depicting one or more characters or scenes from the selected book. Audio guides evocatively describe the tactile pictures with music and sound effects.

Some top picks from our library for teachers

Explore content for schools and teachers in the Discovery zone

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