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Finding out about world culture for 2-7 years

We’ve put together a range of reading ideas which provide great starting points for discussions and activities on the theme of world culture.

Elmer tactile picture

We have a wonderful collection of picture books about African wild animals. All children love Elmer the famous patchwork elephant; then there’s a cute lion cub in Lion Who Wanted to Love, boogie-loving jungle creatures in Girraffes Can’t Dance and a bossy warthog in Sniff-Snuff Snap.

Tactile picture from Giraffes Can't Dance

For a lively introduction to the body parts and movement join a host of jungle creatures in From Head to Toe. Nestle down with Rainbow Bird, a traditional aboriginal story from Northern Australia. It’s simply re-told for little-ones, with vibrant illustrations accompanied by our unique feely pictures of a kangaroo, crocodile and rainbow bird.

Tactile picture of gorilla in From Head to Toe

The Handa series is a gentle way of exploring the lives of children of different countries with your child. Handa’s Hen and Handa’s Surprise are perfect for introducing little ones to the life of a girl in an African village, with brightly coloured pictures, which provide lots of talking points about Handa’s clothes, home, family and environment.

Handas's Hen book cover

To begin talking about the difficult and challenging circumstances children live in around the world borrow For Every Child. This book is about the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, made accessible in words and pictures. It features beautiful drawings by 14 international acclaimed illustrators with our unique audio description and painted feely pictures. There’s a foreward by Desmond Tutu and the book is published in association with UNICEF.

For every child book cover

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