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Living Paintings


Suitable for: 7-11 years (Key stage 2), Teachers

This educational resource is designed to support History, Key Stage 2, on the National Curriculum. With the added fun of travelling back in time and meeting various Anglo Saxon people, the atmospheric experience of this resource will no doubt delight and inspire readers. It tells the story of everyday life in Anglo-Saxon times. Phil Harding introduces us to Sutton Hoo the Anglo Saxon burial ground and the famous helmet. Brice the son of a nobleman, shows us round his village and his sister Eleanor talks about the work she does. We learn about farming, feasting and the story of Beowulf. Alfred the Great tells us about his life, travels and the Vikings. We learn about the Battle of Hastings from the Bayeux Tapestry and finally Sean Bean, British actor, reads the epic story of the heroic Beowulf. This educational resource may support other subjects across the National Curriculum and is great for home-schooling, homework-help, project work and independent learning.

Listen to an audio clip

I'm busy looking after the geese. A goose is in the bottom middle of the thermoform. Can you find it? It's standing in profile, facing to the right. Can you feel its pointed beak? Then trace down its long neck to its feathery body. It has two webbed feet can you feel these? Geese are very useful for their eggs and as watchdogs.
Yes, if someone is creeping up on us at night the geese will make a very loud honking noise. What else are you doing today sis? Well Brice, later on mother is going to give me weaving lessons - all young Saxon girls need to learn how to make cloth, with which we can then make our clothes. We cannot go to shops to buy our clothes, we have to make them ourselves and that is one of the jobs the women have to do. We also weave blankets for our beds, rugs for the floors and sometimes wall hangings to keep out the draughts. I'm also helping mother run the Great Hall, for it is the wife's job to make sure things run smoothly in the household. One day I will be married and have a household to run.

What's inside

  • A collection of raised tactile pictures.
  • Audio descriptions with music and sound effects in your chosen format of either CD or USB.
  • An A4 large print colour image pack.
  • Guidance notes for parents and teachers to help you make the most of using this book.
  • An ‘Articles for the Blind’ returns label for the free and convenient return of the box.

Touch to see image list

Sutton Hoo Burial and Helmet
Everyday Life: Anglo-Saxon Village
Everyday Life: Anglo-Saxon children
Farming and Food:Clearing and Cultivating
Farming and Food: Ploughing and Reaping
Feasting:Drinking Horn
Religion and Writing: Bede and Runes
Portrait of King Alfred
The Bayeux Tapestry and the Battle of Hastings, 1066

What our members say

Enjoyable This is part of history and gives a good impression of the people and the way they lived. Dorothy
Useful classroom resource Very useful classroom resource - covered what was being taught in class. The student especially enjoyed the section on Beowulf and Grendel. Rose

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