How We Help Parents and Children with Tactile Books for Blind People

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How we help parents and children – tactile books for blind children

Our library of tactile books for blind children and audio books is free to join for blind and visually impaired children and adults in the UK. Parents and carers can join on behalf of children using our online join form or contacting us. Your child can also enjoy our Touch to See Books at school, find out more about how we help in schools here.

Our children’s library offers an ever growing range of books from pre-school to primary, through to secondary.

Ted and his mum share their experience of using our accessible books

You can read these books and if you think that you can’t visualize what things are, you’re wrong. European space agency. Good Night Spaceman. Before I had no perception of what things look like. And then when I started reading, it was amazing and I like to read them because they’re just really interesting

Stickler syndrome is production of the collagen in the body and he hasn’t got that collagen and collagen helps keep the retinas in place. Both retinas are detached. He makes it easy. He goes for lots of operations and has eye drops every day and he never complains. He just gets on with it. So I’m, you know, he’s a great little chap. I think we’re very lucky that, you know, he deals with it the way he does. Ted’s a proper little ambassador for them now. They often send us books to test drive. We’ve just been really grateful that they are in existence.

Yeah. Big, thank you. Because they really opened my eyes to the world.

Read stories from our child library members

Minnie reading Fun with Spot.

Touch to See Books for pre-school children

Our youngest borrowers can enjoy characters such as Spot and have fun whilst taking their first steps in learning about the visual world. Simple hand-painted tactile pictures are accompanied by short audio guides which include animated descriptions, music and sound effects.

The Smeds and The Smoos open book with braille and feely picture

Touch to See Picture Books

Original published picture books by all the top publishers, authors and illustrators, packaged with our unique added extras. Fantastic for learning to read Braille and inspiring a love of pictures, books and reading. Great for story time at home.

Tactile picture showing a dolphin leaping from the ocean alongside the colour photo original. From Living Paintings Explore the Seashore

Fact books for children – tactile books for blind children

These books enable blind and partially sighted children to access leisure interests and hobbies that their sighted peers enjoy finding out about. Titles include ‘The History of Space Exploration’, ‘Super Transport’, ‘Flag Quiz’, ‘World Music’, ‘Explore the Seashore’ and ‘Anholt’s Artists’.

We also have a range to support subjects across the National Curriculum including History and Science. These titles are great for home-schooling, homework-help and project work.

Cards from Alice in Wonderland

Literature collections for children

Children will enjoy discovering the illustrations in literary classics and treasuries such as ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’, Roald Dahl and David Walliams.

These books contain at least five tactile pictures, each depicting one or more characters or scenes from the selected book. Audio guides evocatively describe the tactile pictures with music and sound effects.

Some top picks for children from our library

Explore content for parents and children in the Discovery zone

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