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Living Paintings

Meet the team

Head and shoulders shot of a woman with blonde hair and glasses, smiling.

Camilla Oldland

Chief Executive & Company Secretary

Ruth Larkin, head and shoulders shot showing her smiling and wearing a mustard yellow jumper. .

Ruth Larkin

Head of Operations

Close-up shot of a woman with shoulder-length brown hair, smiling.

Liz Davies

Publishing Manager

Lisa Hockey, smiling head and shoulders shot standing in the library with shelves behind her.

Lisa Hockey

Library Manager

Head and shoulders shot of a woman with curly grey hair and glasses, smiling.

Julie Sinfield

Office Manager

Head and shoulders shot of a woman in a blue and gold scarf, smiling.

Sharon Hanlon

Publishing Officer

Mid-length shot of a woman with blonde hair in a stripey jumper, smiling.

Alison Lockyear

Library Assistant

Mid-length shot of a woman with long, curly brown hair, smiling.

Annie Dickinson

Fundraising Assistant

Black and white head and shoulders shot of a young woman with long hair, smiling.

Rebecca Best

Fundraising Administrator


We are extremely lucky to receive an enormous amount of committed support from a large, varied and generous group of volunteers. They now number more than 250 and are thus too numerous to mention by name. As ever, our thanks go to each and every one of them.

A mobile phone sitting on a wooden table top and wrapped in earphones displays the Living Paintings website.

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