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How we help adults

Our library of tactile and audio books is free to join for blind and partially sighted adults in the UK. You can join as an individual member, or as part of a group in a Touch to See Book Club. We have a large and growing library of Touch to See books for blind and partially sighted adults to suit all interests and inspire new ones. These books are rich in story, informative and entertaining.

Watch this video to see inside one of our Touch to See books for adults.

A History of the World in 101 objects

Hi, my name is Liz and I work for Living Paintings, and this is our new Touch to See title The History of the World in 100 Objects. It contains tactile images of objects from the British Museum. Here we’ve got the Sutton Hue helmet and also Hokusai’s The Great Wave Great Wave. There are lots of other tactile images to enjoy from the collection, and it’s accompanied by a colour image pack as well. There is also a CD guide and on there we have the Living Paintings tactile image descriptions which guide the fingers over the raised images. And also the BBC radio 4 programmes that were part of the History of the World in 100 objects series. You can borrow this Touch to See title now and enjoy this amazing collection of tactile images from the British Museum. Just call us on 01635 299 771 or log on to our website at

Pack shot showing paint techniques board, postcard print and tactile of Manet's A Bar at the Folies Bergere

Explore the visual world

Listen to the visual world described by a cast of actors, comedians and presenters including Sir Derek Jacobi, Sean Bean, Julian Fellowes, Joanna Lumley, Clare Balding and Alan Davies.

Explore images of weather, friendship, romance, true crime, famous people and events in history with our tactile images and entertaining audio guides.

Take a tour around famous gallery and museum collections such as the Royal Academy, Tate Britain and The British Museum.

Go twitching with our ‘British Birds’ publication, enjoy wildlife walks with ‘British Wildflowers’ and explore animal habitats in ‘The Nature of Britain’.

Discover our city and county tours of Great Britain such as ‘Shakespeare’s Country’ and ‘Exeter the Gateway to the Southwest’.

What’s inside a Touch to See book for adults?

Touch to See books for adults contain:

Top picks from our library for adults

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