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The delight of learning and discovering

23rd October 2020

Tactile picture of Tutankhamun's gold, red and blue mask

Our books and resources are a lifeline to many blind children – opening up a world of education, interest and understanding in a fully accessible way.

We often receive feedback from teachers about our books and resources. Here’s some wonderful feedback on the theme of the delight in learning and discovering.

Photo shows 2 sets of tactile pictures, colour image pack, USB on a lanyard, A4 pamphlet all neatly arranged on a red background.

Delight in learning

“Living Paintings books are a little box of magic. My pupil was highly motivated to explore, touch and ‘read’ the books. This level of interest was the first break through in tolerating his new staff sharing an experience. They built on this to go from strength to strength. The progress was such that staff were able to attend his ophthalmologist appointment and through their shared work at school get the first ever measurable results for his visual impairment.”

“The child has experienced a greater amount of communication with other children and adults as a result of using Living Paintings books. She tries to say and sign the words she knows and her vocabulary has been extended too. She has a unique set of needs and so far Living Paintings books are the best resource I have found for enabling and furthering her communication.”



A tactile picture from Goodnight Spaceman showing two boys each holding a toy.

Navigating the world

“Due to the tactile and multi-sensory approaches within the resources, our pupils are enabled to develop a real sense of their world, using the other senses in a safe environment, enabling them to rehearse situations they may experience in real life and discuss ways they would be able to manage and navigate the world in which they live.”

“The tactile images are so important to help creativity in a world they cannot see. The audio descriptions are excellent, these books help in lesson preparation and save so much time.”

“Our student is really keen and wants to learn, she is always curious about feeling the pictures. When we have listened to the audio it has been great to see her slowly concentrate on each part of the picture and really start feeling the images from left to right in preparation for braille.”

A mobile phone sitting on a wooden table top and wrapped in earphones displays the Living Paintings website.


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