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The Smeds and The Smoos open book with braille and feely picture

Original published picture books by all the top publishers, authors and illustrators, packaged with our unique added extras. Fantastic for learning to read Braille and inspiring a love of pictures, books and reading. Great for story time at home.

Children can enjoy the same access to popular picture books as their sighted peers.

Parents can borrow their child’s favourite picture books and share in the enjoyment of the lively descriptive audio guides, often read by famous people like Martin Clunes, Alan Davies and Bill Bailey.

Contemporary classics and characters include Charlie and Lola, Lost and Found, The Gruffalo and Kipper. Popular authors and illustrators include Mick Inkpen, Anthony Browne, Julia Donaldson, Axel Scheffler, David Walliams and Oliver Jeffers.

Axel Shefller, illustrator of The Gruffalo, Stick Man and more, shares his support for our Touch to See picture books

Hi, I’m Axel Sheffler. I’m an illustrator. I illustrated this book Stick Man, by Julia Donaldson. And this is a version that has been produced by Living Paintings, which is a charity that does books for blind and visually impaired children. And it is, it’s got some, some of the illustrations, so you can feel them. And it’s also got the whole text in braille, and they’ve done many, many books of ours over the years. And I think it’s a brilliant charity that deserves any support.

What’s inside our Touch to See Picture Books

The original published book is comb bound and packaged with:

A selection of Touch to See Picture Books

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