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Who can set up a Book Club?

Any group which includes blind and partially sighted people can set up a Book Club and receive our audio and tactile books free of charge. This could be within a residential home or day care centre, a group set up by a local sight loss organisation, or an independent group. Most groups meet regularly either every week or every month.

Feline Friends Touch To See Book Club pack showing tactile images, photo, box and pack guide

Touch to See Book Club titles

Our Touch to See Book Club titles have been specially designed for a group of blind and partially sighted people to share and explore together.

Each Touch to See Book Club resource contains 10 copies each of two or three tactile images, atmospheric audio guides that both discuss and describe the tactile pictures, and an A4 colour picture to accompany each image. Also included is useful guidance notes for the group leader, which includes suggestions for discussions, hands-on activities, music listening, poetry and literature.

There is a wide and growing range of titles to choose from. Go on a tour of Edinburgh in ‘Whistle Stop Scotland’, learn about ‘Shakespeare’s Kings and Heroines’, or step into the woods and enjoy night time creatures in ‘Hunting by Night’.


Would you like to join a Book Club?

To find out if there is a Touch to See Book Club in your area speak to the library on 01635 299771 or email library@livingpaintings.org.

Would you like to set up a Book club?

To set up a Touch to See Book Club speak to the library on 01635 299771 or email library@livingpaintings.org and we can work out together what is needed to make your club a success. We will help you every step of the way and at no cost. If you are ready to join as a Book Club please fill in our join form.

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