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Back to the classroom! Tactile-audio adventures to support teaching and learning

7th September 2023

With the new school year now in full swing, it’s the perfect time for us to shine a light on the tactile-audio resources that can help young learners at school and at home.

Some of our awesome teacher resource packs have had a little refresh, and there’s a new addition too! Packed full of tactile pictures to explore and with atmospheric audio guides, each of our teacher resource packs are aligned to topics in the National Curriculum, and designed to help learners fully engage in school work, grow in confidence and join in with their peers.

Whether you’re a teacher planning for the term ahead or a parent looking for educational activities at home, you can view our full offering of educational resources – or take a look at some of our picks below! Each can be borrowed for free from our accessible children’s library. Simply log-in or create a new account to order yours and bring learning to life for blind and visually impaired youngsters!

Ancient Egypt

Travel back in time and meet the Ancient Egyptians! This atmospheric experience takes young learners on a journey to meet Tutankhamun, take in the Pyramids and learn all about life in the great Egyptian empire. Learn about mummification and hieroglyphics, and explore what the Egyptians wore, where they lived and how they traveled.

Borrow Ancient Egypt

Stone Age

Discover what life was like for our early ancestors. In this pack, with audio descriptions by Sir Tony Robinson and Dan Snow, we take a tour of a Neolithic village and learn about how Stone Age people mastered the use of tools. The pack delves into how they created works of art, jewellry, early textiles and musical instruments and explores life as hunter-gatherers living off the land.

Borrow Stone Age

Romans in Britain

Join Timothy West and Prunella Scales as they take little learners on an adventure to explore what life was like in Roman Britain. Experience the housing, clothing, transport, and come face-to-face with the heroic Gladiators!

Borrow Romans in Britain

Victorian Britain

Take a trip to the Victorian times and meet Queen Victoria herself (warning, she is a little bit grumpy!). A host of characters help little fingers explore tactile images that delve into Victorian jobs, architecture, clothing and much more!

Borrow Victorian Britain

Tudor Times

Henry VIII, Elizabeth I and William Shakespeare – young learners can meet them all in our wonderful pack exploring Tudor times. Explore what it was like to cook in a Tudor kitchen or take a trip to the grand homes of the nobility, a host of Tudor characters provide entertaining and educational commentary as they walk through every aspect of Tudor life.

Borrow Tudor Times


Explore the story of Beowolf, with a special recording by Sean Bean to accompany our tactile illustration! Learn what everything was like in a Saxon village and experience the Bayeux Tapestry through touch and sound.

Borrow Anglo-Saxons

World War 2

Learn what life was like during the Blitz for children at home and abroad. Meet wartime heroes like Anne Frank and Winston Churchill, and get to grips with the aircraft and vehicles used in the war effort.

Borrow World War 2

Ancient Greece

Guided by Hermes and Zeus, take a trip to the first Olympic Games and discover the stories behind the famous Greek myths that shaped beliefs. Visit an amphitheatre, explore a Trojan Horse and so much more.

Borrow Ancient Greece

The Vikings

Step on board a Viking longship and meet the legendary Thor and Odin. Discover how Vikings lived – even how they went to the loo! Alongside famous archaeologist, Phil Harding, and a host of characters, this atmospheric pack takes learners back to find out so much about out Scandanavian ancestors.

Borrow The Vikings

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