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Living Paintings

Dophin tactile picture from Living Paintings Explore the Seashore

Touch to See Fact Books

These books enable blind and partially sighted children to access leisure interests and hobbies that their sighted peers enjoy finding out about. Titles include ‘The History of Space Exploration’, ‘Super Transport’, ‘Flag Quiz’, ‘World Music’, ‘Explore the Seashore’ and ‘Anholt’s Artists’.

They are designed to encourage children’s independent learning, exploration and investigation of subjects and promote reading for pleasure. These fact books may be used to support subjects across the National Curriculum. Also great for project work and homework-help.

Watch this taster of Topical Book Explore the Seashore.

Taster of Explore the Seashore

Hi my names Liz and I work for Living Paintings and we’ve just published our new book for blind and partially sighted children its’s called Explore the Seashore and it’s an audio and tactile journey around the UK coastline with your captain Timothy Spall. And it’s on board our Living Paintings treasure seeker. There’s lots to find in the seashore pack and I’ve got the copies next to me. We’ve the got orca whale, we lower the hydrophone under the waves and we listen to the orca signing. We’ve got the dolphin who ride the bow wave with us and we listen to the clicks and whistles they make. And then we’ve got puffin and curlew, we go bird watching and listen to the sounds of the seabirds. We’ve got a rock pool to explore, fossils, seashells, there’s a pirate who tells his story and there’s just so much to enjoy.

A mobile phone sitting on a wooden table top and wrapped in earphones displays the Living Paintings website.

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