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Explore the Seashore

Suitable for: 7-11 years (Key stage 2), 11-14 years (Key stage 3), Teachers

Sponsored by: The Ernest Cook Trust

Available braille grades:

This fact book takes us on a cruise round the British Isles, stopping at different locations to explore. Timothy Spall, star of Harry Potter, is the captain of our ship, the Living Paintings Treasure Seeker. At each landing we learn about different things we can find on the seashore and we also learn about animals we encounter at sea, some rather scary! Designed for children at KS2 but may interest KS3 students too. This fact book may support subjects in the National Curriculum and is great as an educational resource in class. Also good for home-schooling, homework-help, project work. independent learning and reading for pleasure.

Listen to an audio clip

The anemone on the right is called a plumose anemone. Feel all over it. (Pause) This one is quite tall and can grow to 30cm. Can you feel the tall column? It's a bit like a tree trunk but instead of branches at the top it has lots of fine stinging tentacles fanning out all around. The tentacles are coming out of three lumps which are called lobes. The plumose anemone lives in deeper water and can bend its column in the sea current. Like the snakelocks it feeds on plankton through its mouth which is at the centre of all the tentacles.

What's inside

  • A collection of raised tactile pictures.
  • Audio descriptions with music and sound effects in your chosen format of either CD or USB.
  • A large print colour image pack.
  • Guidance notes for parents and teachers to help you make the most of using this book.
  • An ‘Articles for the Blind’ returns label for the free and convenient return of the box.

Touch to see image list

Introduction and Map of the British Isles
Shells and Ammonite Fossil Limpet, Razor, Whelk, Periwinkle, Topshell, Scallop, Cockle, Mussel and Ammonite
Pirates, Long John Silver
Basking Shark
Anemones and Jellyfish, Moon Jellyfish, snakelocks Anemone and Plumose Anemone
Bottlenose Dolphin
Grey Seal
Seaweed, Sea Belt, Oarweed and Bladderwrack
Puffin and Curlew
Hermit Crab and Shore Crab
Rockpool, Mussels, Prawn, Limpets, Sea Lettuce, Brittlestar, Shanny, Sea Urchin and Starfish

What our members say

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Explore the Seashore As a result of the pack my daughter is looking forward to find different shells on the seashore! Janine
Brilliant ... all the young people enjoyed listening to this pack.
There is a lot of choice to cater for each young person to listen to.
Library Member
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