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Living Paintings

Handa’s Surprise

Written by Eileen Browne

Suitable for: 5-7 years (Key stage 1)

Available braille grades: Grade 1, Grade 2

This is a vibrant and brightly coloured picture book, set in Africa, about a girl’s eventful journey with a basket of fruit.

Listen to an audio clip

It's a picture of a pineapple. It's quite lumpy and if you feel to the top of the pineapple you will find the long spiky leaves on top of it. Pineapples are a lot bigger than shown in the picture, have you ever felt a real pineapple? Move your fingers across to the left and find the next small feely picture. It is Handa's basket. It is a round, straw basket, but in the picture we can only see the front half of it, so it is shaped a bit like a banana! You can also feel the inside of the basket just above the banana shape. Can you feel how rough it is, this is because the basket is made of straw. Now move across and feel the next picture. Who do you think this is? It's Handa herself!

What's inside

  • A picture book with braille pages and raised tactile images.
  • Audio descriptions with music and sound effects in your chosen format of either CD or USB.
  • An ‘Articles for the Blind’ returns label for the free and convenient return of the box.

Touch to see image list

Grass, a Cricket, Handa & Basket & Pineapple
Ostrich & Basket of fruit
Goat, Palm Tree & Hut

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