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Tremendous transport books for 7-11 years

Our Touch to see library for 7-11 years is jam-packed with a variety of vehicles for inquisitive minds to explore and enjoy, from exploring how a hovercraft works, journeys into space in a shuttle to chariot rides and the Mary Rose.

Travel back in time

Many of our educational  resource books for Key Stage 2 contain sections that explore and describe the modes of transport used through history. In Ancient Egypt we talk about how the Egyptians used boats made from papyrus reeds to navigate the river Nile. In Romans in Britain we’ve included a chariot so that children can learn about the fast-paced speed enjoyed by a wealthy Roman. In Tudor Times we include the classic galleon The Mary Rose, which was raised from the English Channel and preserved. Our tactile picture shows it in full sailing glory, as it was during the reign of King Henry VII.

Tactile picture of The Mary Rose from Tudor Times

There are also more fanciful pleasures tackled in Science in Art such as Leonardo da Vinci’s helicopter design, with an additional tactile that describes how it works. Then we skip to France and celebrate the invention of the hot air balloon with The Montgolfier Brother’s Balloon.

Montgolfier Balloon tactile picture and colour illustration showing the balloon lifting off in a grand garden landscape.

In Victorian Britain children can discover how people got about in the 19th century. There’s a penny-farthing and a horse-driven hansom cab. To reflect industrialisation and the changing landscape of Britain we’ve included tactile pictures of a narrow boat and a steam train, plus an example of an early car negotiating cobbled streets. All these tactile pictures are brought to life with evocative audio guides describing the various modes of transport and demonstrating their sounds.

War machines

Our Touch to See book about World War II is hugely popular with our library members and many teachers find it an invaluable resource when tackling this part of the National Curriculum. The vehicles and machines we depict in the tactile book include the iconic Spitfire, Lancaster Bomber and sea vessels such as a German U Boat, the Bismark and land vehicles including a Sherman tank and a Parachute Jeep. All the vehicle descriptions are accompanied by animated audio descriptions voiced by World War II characters, and enriched with sounds and music from the era.

Parachute Jeep tactile picutre, shopwing an open top jeep with paprachutre folded up in the boot and a machine gun mounted in the bonnet.

Moving forward in time

Super Transport is the go-to book for science and technology fans who want to find out how vehicles work. The book is presented by BBC TV’s Dallas Campbell and his team of young roving reporters. They have travelled on planes, trains, boats and even buses to bring listeners the pick of top transport including an F1 racing car and superbike, a super-sized container ship and jumbo jet, a cool sports hovercraft and Lotus track racing bike, super-efficient public transport, and RNLI life boat and an air ambulance. The finale is Richard Branson’s futuristic Virgin Galactic commercial space shuttle.

Formula racing car, from top and side on the tactile picutre.

Out of this World

For exploring the outer limits, a great book to borrow is The History of Space Exploration. There’s the Apollo Moon Lander and space shuttle, the Beagle 2 and, though not technically vehicles, amazing technology such as the Hubble Telescope and the International Space Station. All are accompanied by detailed and fun audio guides exploring the science, stats and facts plus sound effects.

Apollo 11 Lunar lander on the moon, colour photograph with astronaut in the foreground.

Reading for pleasure

For those wanting to while away the  hours on the railways, do borrow Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. This collection contains painted tactile pictures of the characters from the Thomas Tank Engine series of books by Reverend Wilbert Awdry and Christopher Awdry, accompanied by audio descriptions. Please note, this title doesn’t include the story books, so you might want to seek out audio versions of these from your local library.

A long blue engine and tender with a number 4 on the side and a short red engine with a number 5 on the side.

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