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Severe sight impairment doesn’t stop 1 year old exploring books

8th July 2021

Kaison in a bouncer feeling the tactile picture pages in I Like Books

Never to young to enjoy books

Kaison is almost approaching his first birthday. He was born with an extremely rare genetic condition called TENM3 which has caused him to have a severe visual impairment. Kaison has been borrowing our accessible tactile, audio and braille books since he was just a teeny tiny 3 months old!

His mummy, Cody has put these words together to explain his story so far….

Kaison sitting in a bouncer and feeling the tactile pages in I Like Books

There is nothing medically that can be done to help Kaison’s sight

Cody explains –

“We believe we are one of few families with Kaison’s condition reported, and we are currently undergoing further genetic tests. One condition is severe Microphthalmia which means small eyes, whilst another is coloboma which means hole in the eyes. His eyes and optic nerves are undeveloped and he has cysts on the back of both eyes, amongst other conditions.

Unfortunately there is nothing medically or surgically that can be done to help Kaison’s sight. He wears conformers, which are a small clear prosthetic shell to enable his eyes to open and help the growth of his eye sockets.”

Kaison sitting in a bouncer and feeling the picutres in Goodnight Spaceman

We love sitting as a family sharing the books

Cody tells more –

“We found Living Paintings when Kaison was just a few month old, and we’re so grateful!  We love sitting as a family sharing the books. Kaison has an older brother, Oscar who is 4, and he enjoys sitting with his little brother exploring the fabulous books. We love how they’re adapted to meet all needs with the voice over, large bright pictures, raised tactile pictures and the Braille. As Kaison is getting older he is scratching and feeling the pictures more, and his brother really helps him to explore them.

Thanks to Living Paintings for giving us this opportunity to explore new books frequently, I’m confident that as Kaison gets older he will grow to love books.

Thank you Living Paintings for all your hard work and support to help develop the lives of visual impaired children and their families!”

Thank you to Cody, Kaison and family for sharing their story and experiences.

Kaison’s favourite books to read and share with his family

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