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Goodnight Spaceman

Written by Michelle Robinson
Illustrated by Nick East

Suitable for: 0-5 years, 5-7 years (Key stage 1)

Sponsored by: AWE Plc

Available braille grades: Grade 1, Grade 2

Inspired by ESA astronaut Tim Peake, Goodnight Spaceman delves into the imagination of two young boys who are fascinated about space. One evening, they say goodnight to their space toys and journey into outer space where they meet their astronaut dad and explore the International Space Station. Introduced by Tim Peake, our Touch to See version of this charming picture book features three hand-painted ‘feely’ pictures, braille in grades 1 and 2, and an audio guide to the images voiced by actor Rob Brydon.

Listen to an audio clip

Young astronauts, put your space suits on. We're going to venture into outer space! I'm going to tell you all about the pictures in a book called Goodnight Spaceman. The story is about two little boys who dream about going into space, just like their astronaut dad.
On the front cover, the two boys and their dad are floating around in space. They're wearing white spacesuits and behind them there's a swirling galaxy of twinkling stars and planets.
Turn over the cover to find the first feely picture. It shows the two boys again but this time they're in their bedroom, playing with their cool space toys. The top part of the picture shows the brothers' space mobile. Feel along the 2bars of the mobile, 1 long and 1 short, which cross together in the middle. Starting at the left of the mobile, move your fingers down to feel a flying saucer. It has a big round top and a disc underneath with five round windows. Below are three legs with round feet. Now move your fingers to the right to find the second model on its string. This is a space shuttle.
Now move down the page to find the two young boys dressed in pyjamas, kneeling down and facing each other. Start at the left to feel a boy with straight brown hair. Feel his arms. The arm on the left is down by his side and the other is outstretched to the right. What's he holding? It's a small astronaut toy!
Trace right to find his little brother. He's playing with a rocket. Unlike his brother, this little boy has blonde, curly hair. Trace down his body he is wearing a red top and blue pyjama bottoms. The arm on the right is by his side and the other is outstretched to the left and holding a toy rocket. Can you feel it? It has round windows and a pointed nose cone.

What's inside

  • A picture book with braille pages and raised tactile images.
  • Audio descriptions with music and sound effects in your chosen format of either CD or USB.
  • An ‘Articles for the Blind’ returns label for the free and convenient return of the box.

Touch to see image list

Two boys with space toys
Astronaut dad with his two boys in space
Two boys in a spaceship

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