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Dinosaurs ROAR! stomps into the library!

30th January 2018

Dinosaur tactile image from Dinosaurs Roar! series

Dinosaurs ROAR!  takes blind and partially sighted readers on a journey back in time and introduces fearsome dinos with tactile pictures, audio guides, braille and stupendous sound effects.

Get to know the awesome Ankylosaurus, tremendous Triceratops, punchy Protoceratops and finally, the terrifying T-Rex in this roar-some tactile book!

It comes with an activity pack full to the brim with ideas for dino-inspired activities  – including a recipe for dino cookies – and places to go for budding palaeontologists.

There are three exciting dino adventures to borrow from our library.

Borrow our Dinosaurs ROAR! range of books

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