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Wonderful wildlife books for 7-14 yrs

Our library of Touch to See books for blind and visually impaired young people is full of wonderful titles about nature and wildlife. Here are our pick of books suitable for young people aged  7 – 14 years.

Nature Detectives explores four different UK habitats – ancient woodland, seashore, hedgerow and rivers and streams. Young explorers will be given the confidence to go out into the countryside after feeling the beautiful tactile pictures and listening to the descriptive guides, which lead them on a walk through each habitat, describing the animals and plants which flourish there. There’s masses of useful information along with evocative descriptions of the sights, sounds and smells that they may come across.

A collage of Nature Detective tactile images

British Wildlife is an indispensable guide to the birds, mammals and minibeasts that can be found throughout the British Isles. The tactile images in this book include animals that readers may be familiar with such as the hedgehog, rabbit and roe deer alongside the lesser-known water vole and brown long-eared bat. One reader said that the book was “an invaluable resource to use and share with children who visit the Dales and have a visual impairment – allowing them to feel and visualize what is around them.”

Roe deer tactile image from Living Paintings British Wildlife

British Birds is a book for an older age group but is also suitable for young people with an interest in learning about different birds and the habitats they live in. Full of bird song and fascinating facts about the birds that live in our towns, gardens, farms, moorland, woods, seashore and waterways. The beautiful tactile pictures to explore include birds of different shapes and sizes including the owl, woodpecker, kingfisher and swan.

Album 17 British Birds by Living Paintings

In Explore the Seashore acclaimed actor Timothy Spall (from the Harry Potter movies) is Captain of the ‘Treasure Seeker’ boat whisking you off on an exciting voyage around the coastline of the British Isles. Along the way you’ll encounter dolphins, orca, puffin, seals and basking sharks. This book is the perfect accompaniment to a trip to the seaside and comes highly recommended by our readers: “All the young people enjoyed listening to this book. There is a lot of choice to cater for each young person.”

Orca tactile picture from Living Paintings Explore the Seashore

Images of Weather is a great learning tool for exploring the effect weather has on the natural world. Readers particularly enjoy the tactile images of the rainbow, water cycle and a tree in different seasons (see below). Perfect to use in schools for Key Stage 2 and 3 topics.

Nikhil Kamath using Touch to See book Images of Weather

For more in-depth study, you might like to borrow British Wildflowers (“very evocative descriptions of the natural world, beautifully read as usual”) and Animals in Art which examines the way creatures have been portrayed through cave painting, tapestry, sculpture, porcelain, oil painting, woodcut, drawing and fresco from pre-history to the present day. The book includes such favourites as the Monarch of the Glen (a magnificent stag) and one of Stubbs’ horse scenes.

Younger readers might enjoy our picture books on a nature theme such as The Strong Little Tree by Helen Peacock and Neil Reed. This gentle pastoral tale tells the story of a young oak tree and how it grows and develops through the seasons.

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