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Tactile, braille and audio picture books for a starry night-time

Jain turning the pages of Goodnight Spaceman

Check out our top tactile picture books for blind and partially sighted children each one with a night-time theme. Perfect for snuggling up with when it’s cold and dark outside.

A page from 'Gorilla' alongside our tactile version of Gorilla and Hannah flying.

Gorilla by Anthony Browne

This classic picture book tells the story of Hannah who loves absolutely everything about gorillas but her busy and tired father doesn’t have time to take her to see the gorillas in the zoo. On the night before her birthday she wakes up to find a parcel containing a toy gorilla by her bed. Disappointed, she goes back to sleep but later something magical happens – the toy comes alive and takes her on an amazing adventure. Join Hannah on a enchanting night, feeling our adapted, raised illustrations of the characters in the book

Goodnight Owl tactile pictures and a page from the book

Good-night Owl! by Pat Hutchins

All day owl tried and tried to get to sleep but the bees buzzed, the squirrels cracked nuts, the crows croaked and everyone else in the hollow tree did their best to keep him awake. But he got his own back when night came. Our Touch to See version features hand-painted ‘feely’ pictures of owl, squirrel, bees, robin, woodpecker, doves and cuckoo.

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Tim Peake holding up Goodnight Spaceman tactile book and smiling

Goodnight Spaceman by Michelle Robinson and Nick East

Inspired by ESA astronaut Tim Peake, Goodnight Spaceman delves into the imagination of two young boys who are fascinated about space. One evening, they say goodnight to their space toys and journey into outer space where they meet their astronaut dad and explore the International Space Station. Introduced by ESA Astronaut Tim Peake, our Touch to See version of this charming picture book features three hand-painted ‘feely’ pictures, braille in grades 1 and 2, and an audio guide to the images voiced by actor Rob Brydon.

Tactile picture of a rocket next to the illustration in the book, Roaring Rockets.

Roaring Rockets by Tony Mitton and Ant Parker

Zoom to the moon with a trio of animal astronauts in this lively, picture book complete with tactile pictures of a rocket, the moon, spacecraft and a bear astronaut. Readers are invited along on a lunar expedition, and will learn about space exploration from blast off to splash down through zippy rhyming text and bright, bold artwork. Part of Tony Mitton’s Amazing Machines series.

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A tactile picture of Elmer and Wilbur under a starry sky

Elmer’s Walk

Elmer is enjoying his walk, smelling the flowers, watching the clouds, listening to the waterfall. But each time he points out one of these lovely things to the other animals, they all say they don’t have time to stop. They’re far too busy. Luckily Wilbur arrives at last and shares Elmer’s enjoyment in the stars. A celebration of mindfulness from master-storyteller David McKee.

A photo showing the tactile pictures, book , image pack and Guidance Notes in the Star Seeker book resource.

Star Seeker – a journey to outer space

This reading for pleasure plus educational resource is a wonderful guide to astronomy and space for children, as it also comes with a story book. Let us take you on an amazing journey. We’ll start with a planet hop through the Solar System. We’ll find out about space debris in the form of a meteor and comet. We’ll dive into the swirling arms of The Milky Way. Gazing up at the Night Sky, we’ll learn about the fiery birth of a star. Then we’ll explore the stars that fill the sky and their amazing patterns. This fact and story book may support subjects in the National Curriculum and could be used as an educational resource in class. Also good for home-schooling, homework-help, project work, independent learning and reading for pleasure.

A  picture book is also included, Star Seeker by Theresa Heine and Victor Tavares. It’s a beautifully illustrated story about the planets and the stars. It includes two tactile pictures and there is a section at the back of the book called ‘Explore Space’, this is included in Braille on clear plastic sheets and also read out on the audio guide.

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