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Science Alive! Accessible books to get blind children curious about science

Science Alive! is our accessible, high-quality science library that’s essential curriculum support for teachers and great homework help for busy parents. Blind and partially sighted children will love learning about science with our fun tactile and audio guides, which are designed to inspire curiosity about the world around them. These tactile and audio resources are supported by our online science area filled with fun stuff to do, activities and experiments to get mini-makers and inventors enjoying science hands-on.

Pre-schoolers will love Spot Can Count and Spot’s Big Book of Maths (includes Spot Bakes a Cake). These titles incorporate gentle storytelling, simple mathematic terms and activities such as counting, sorting and measuring. Plus there’s also a free spot soft toy to cuddle whilst you read the story, lift the flaps and feel the tactile pictures.

Spot the Dog and his mum pushing shopping trolleys.

The Wonder of Life Full of tactile images including cells, DNA, pollination, seed dispersal, human reproduction, food web and the Amazon rainforest. This book introduces some of the essential concepts of Key Stage 3 biology and is presented by Professor Robert Winston.

Tactile image of flowers from The Wonder of Life.

The Body Owners’ Guidebook A fascinating guide to the human body for children aged 7 and up, introduced by Dr Christian Jessen. Includes tactile images of the major organs, skeleton, muscles, heart, lungs, digestion, senses and human reproduction.

Skeleton tactile from The Body Owner's Guidebook.

The World Below with Dallas Campbell – Discover the structure of our planet and how the seas and continents form; explore the carbon cycle; venture into a limestone cave system; dive to the bottom of the deepest oceans; and finally find out about the amazing man-made underground structure dedicated to unlocking the secrets of the universe. For young people 11-14 years, but also for younger, hungry minds.

Tactile image of caves from The World Below.

Science in Art A great way to incorporate STEM subjects, this book includes famous examples of painting, sculpture and photography, and explores pregnancy and anatomy, balloon flight, volcano eruption, Einstein, Newton and much more. Designed for 7-11 years, but maybe of interest to older children too.

Science in Art tactile image showing Leonardo's helicopter sketch and the tactile image explanation of it.

Images of Weather Explore the science of meteorology and weather systems with tactile pictures of a hurricane, tornado, lightning and thunder, cloud formations, weather forecasting, wind power, coastal weather, cliff erosion and the water cycle. Want more coastal action? Then borrow Explore the Seashore too. For 7-11 years, but maybe be of interest to older children.

Rainbow picture from Images of Weather.

Nature Detectives An exciting walk through ancient woodland, beside hedgerows teeming with wildlife, next to a fast-moving river and through the sand dunes. Learn about ecosystems, native animals and plants, life cycles, animal behaviour, tracks and sounds. Want more wild adventures? Then borrow British Wildlife too. For young people 11-14 years and suitable for younger, hungry minds.

Frog and swallow collage of photos and tactile images.

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