We don't want Henry to miss out on anything - one of the reasons we love Living Paintings' books. - Living Paintings

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“We don’t want Henry to miss out on anything – one of the reasons we love Living Paintings’ books.”

14th April 2021

A boy feeling the tactile picture of Harry from Harry and the Dinosaurs.

Henry is almost 5 years old and has been a member of our library for 7 months. Stephanie, his mummy, got in touch to explain why Henry will be enjoying Living Paintings tactile and audio books for many years to come.

Boy feeling a tactile picture of garden bugs and robin.

“Henry has nystagmus and is registered as severely sight impaired, this was first discovered at around 8 months old when he got his first pair of glasses and was then able to see the world a little clearer. Henry lives with me (mum), his dad and older brother Otis on our family run dairy farm in Yorkshire. Henry loves to enjoy farming life and doesn’t let his visual impairment hold him back – sometimes a little more caution would be welcome!

We don’t want Henry to miss out on anything and this is one of the reasons we love the Living Paintings books. He loves the tactile pictures that enable him to fully experience the story, when in a standard book many of the images are too detailed and small for him to make out. The wide range of books are fantastic and Henry will be able to enjoy these for many years to come.

Henry enjoys sharing the books with all of his family and loves showing the pictures to everyone from his “special books”. Henry is also learning braille and will be able to utilise this aspect of the Living Paintings books as he becomes more confident with this.

Living Paintings is a fantastic charity – thank you for letting us be a part of it.”

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