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Book Clubs delight in Rock ‘n’ Roll Years

15th February 2017

A woman smiling and  feeling a tactile picture, sat at a table.

This book covers music, fashion and film. Through words, rocking music and fashion-themed tactile images of cultural icons such as Marlon Brando, Grace Kelly and Elvis this book will take you into a journey through the 1950’s undoubtedly spurring memories and stories from club members.

Hands feeling a tactile picture of Grace Kelly, wearing a sweetheart neckline dress.

It explores the typical silhouette of the prom dress with its sweetheart neckline, narrow waist and flounced skirt. Where the girls were all polished glamour and poise, the boys favoured a harder-edged, rebellious look. Our tactile picture shows cool dude, Marlon Brando, in the outfit which inspired hundreds of rebellious young teens to adopt his “look” of jeans, black leather jacket and biker boots.

Hands feeling a tactile picture of Grace Kelly, close up detail.

One club commented:

“We are an all ladies club, not by choice but by chance! This book took us back in time, back to our childhood days when our parents used to comment on our outfit as we left for a party. We used to stuff as much netting as we could under our skirts, it was quite a sight. Wonderful memories were bought up by this book. Thank you, most enjoyable!”

Borrow Rock n’ Roll Years from our library.

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