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From fairy tales to dinosaurs -new tactile books for children

8th January 2018

The Living Paintings production room is in full swing with three new books for blind and partially sighted children due for publication imminently! It’s never too early to reserve your copy. Click on the links below to be first on the list to receive our brand new Touch to See tactile books.

An old-fashioned tale with a funky twist, Rapunzel: A Groovy 1970s Fairy Tale by David Roberts and Lyn Roberts-Maloney has it all: true love, banging music, a terrifying aunt and several pairs of very wide flares. Our tactile version of this update on a classic features three full-colour tactile pictures, braille, an audio guide voiced by BBC Radio 1 DJ Alive Levine, and a foot-stomping soundtrack.

A page from Rapunzel: A Groovy 1970s Fairy Tale by David Roberts. Rapunzel is leaning up against a window with Roger and her long hair on the other side.

Lab coats at the ready because the latest addition to our Science ALIVE! series is almost here! Packed full of fascinating facts, Science Experiments gives young scientists the chance to find out for themselves what mind-boggling forces are at play in the world around us. Listen to audio from kids TV presenter Maddie Moate and Youtube star Greg Foot as you discover how to create super-cool slime, why ships don’t sink and what happens when lightning strikes!

Tactile pictures from our Touch to See book Science Experiments: glass bottles with sound waves underneath, a ship and a boat-shaped piece of modelling clay with marbles in it.

Young explorers, it’s time to travel back in time once more to the prehistoric era. The third Touch to See book in our Dinosaurs ROAR! series, Crazy Cretaceous introduces four fearsome dinos with tactile pictures, audio guides, braille and stupendous sound effects. Get to know the awesome Ankylosaurus, tremendous Triceratops, punchy Protoceratops and finally, the terrifying T-Rex.

T-Rex with his mouth open wide showing sharp pointy teeth

Borrow Rapunzel: A Groovy 1970s Fairy Tale from our FREE library

Borrow Science Alive! Science Experiments from our FREE library

Borrow Dinosaurs Roar! Crazy Cretaceous from our FREE library

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