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Living Paintings

The Wonderful World of David Walliams featuring David Walliams!

7th January 2020

The Wonderful World of David Walliams brings together a selection of seven of the author’s bestselling children’s stories with tactile pictures of some of their main characters, as illustrated by Tony Ross and Sir Quentin Blake. From Mr Stink to the adventures of The Midnight Gang, you’ll meet the characters that have charmed and intrigued millions of young readers.

Tactile image from Walliams' book Awful Auntie, showing Awful Auntie holding a pipe and owl.

Tactile image from Walliams' Grandpa's Great Escape, showing a spitfire flying with Grandpa as the pilot.

At the end of last year we were lucky enough to be joined by none other than the bestselling author himself, David Walliams! David reads through a handful of descriptions of his own characters, in this title, along with actor Hugh Bonneville and history TV presenter, Dan Snow.

Alongside the audio guide and tactile pictures of the characters, this brand new Touch to See book also features a colour pack of illustrations by Tony Ross and Quentin Blake for sharing with friends or family members.

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