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Tim Peake and Rob Brydon bring Goodnight Spaceman to life

11th June 2018

Don your helmets and space suits troops because it’s time to go on a journey to outer space!

Goodnight Spaceman written by Michelle Robinson and illustrated Nick East follows the imagination of two young boys who are fascinated about space. One evening, they say goodnight to their space toys and pilot a rocket to the International Space Station to say hello to their astronaut Dad!

Two  boys each holding a toy, a rocket and an astronaut.

Two boys waving, seated inside the cockpit of a red spaceship.

Two boys and their dad, all wearing astronaut suits on a spacewalk.

Introduced by Tim Peake, our Touch to See version of this cosmic picture book features three hand-painted ‘feely’ pictures, braille in grades 1 and 2, and an audio guide to the images voiced by actor Rob Brydon.

Tim Peake, astronaut, alongside a photo of Rob Brydon, smiling headshot.

Here’s what author Michelle Robinson and illustrator Nick East had to say about our VI kid-friendly version of her book:

Michelle said,

“I am thrilled that ‘Goodnight Spaceman’ now has a Touch to See version. The blind and partially sighted children who read it can enjoy an out-of-this-world journey with Tim Peake. Just like Tim, I hope it inspires them to go on further adventures of their own.”

Nick said,

“Living Paintings is such a valuable and unique project I wholeheartedly support. And I am over the moon ‘Goodnight Spaceman’ is to be included in their Touch to See book library. I hope it gives much enjoyment to children, parents and carers alike.”

Alex feeling Goodnight Spaceman feely picutre.

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