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Explore world culture for 7-14 years

If you’re travelling abroad or want to inject some world culture vibes into your summer holiday at home we’ve put together some fiction and non-fiction reading ideas.

Granny went to Market tactile book illustration showing Granny on a flying carpet flying over a landscape with a mountain in the background.

Borrow Journey Around the World  and join Granny as she flies on her magic carpet across the globe, buying exotic souvenirs along the way. It’s a counting story – great for practising numeracy during the summer holidays. Accompanying the book is a tactile picture depicting a topic from each country Granny visits, including St Basil’s Cathedral in Russia, a panda and bamboo plant from China and a colourful Moroccan market stall.

Fill a rainy afternoon with fun facts and borrow Flag Quiz. It includes tactile pictures of world flags and a quiz on the audio guide too so you can accumulate points as you explore the countries. There’s an emphasis on geography, so it’s brilliant for project work and if you’re visiting one of the countries in the book.

Didgeridoo and drums from World Music pack

Boogie on down to World Music, which contains some weird and wonderful sounding delights from Europe and far-off continents. This is a great intro to exploring the genre of contemporary world music with a focus on instrument sounds, the musicians and the culture around the instrument. Enjoy feeling and listening to a sitar, didgeridoo, steel pan, bongos and much more.

Tactile picture of Sutton Hoo mask, along with a small photo of the actual object.

A History of the World in 100 Objects – though part of our non-fiction library for adults, this book may well be a hit with advanced readers and those with inquisitive minds. Some of the tactile pictures are simple and easy to navigate, so perfect for young hands to feel. The treasures to explore include the Akan drum, an Easter Island statue, the Sutton Hoo helmet, an Egyptian camel and a Mexican double-headed serpent. The audio guides are short but they’re accompanied by the original BBC Radio 4 programmes, which introduce each object. This book is perfect if you are planning a visit to the British Museum this summer and would like an accessible guide to some of its amazing treasures.

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