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Works of Art from Tate Britain

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We have chosen 11 works of art from the treasure house that is Tate Britain, London. This collection doesn’t disappoint with a feast of paintings and sculptures with wonderful stories to be discovered – stroll down the Chain Pier in Brighton with Turner and meet William Hogarth’s dog. The artists range from the early 17th century to the 21st century and included is the façade and floor plan so that listeners can imagine themselves in the gallery space.

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William Hogarth stares out at us, his direct gaze is almost challenging, his chin is jutting forward, his shoulders squared. Beside him on the right is his pug dog Trump. The dog's character reflects that of his master ready to take on the world. In the bottom left corner of the picture is Hogarth's palette with a sinuous line strongly emphasised upon it 'The line of beauty and grace' is written below. We shall discuss this important line shortly. The artist has put an oval frame round his portrait and this seems to rest on three volumes, the works of Shakespeare, Swift and Milton, all English authors who inspired Hogarth's own commitment to drama, satire and epic poetry.

What's inside

  • A collection of raised tactile pictures.
  • Audio descriptions with music and sound effects in your chosen format of either CD or USB.
  • An A4 large print colour image pack or postcard pack.
  • An ‘Articles for the Blind’ returns label for the free and convenient return of the box.

Touch to see image list

Tate Britain Facade and Floor Plan
The Cholmondeley Ladies – Anon
The Painter and his Pug by William Hogarth
Sunset, Carthorses Drinking at a Stream by Thomas Gainsborough
Chain Pier, Brighton by John Constable
The Chain Pier, Brighton by Joseph Mallord William Turner
Ophelia by John Everett Millais
The Centurion’s Servant by Stanley Spencer
White Relief by Ben Nicholson
Recumbent Figure by Henry Moore
$he by Richard Hamilton
Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy by David Hockney

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