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A picture of Louis Moorhouse, wearing a white Living Paintings T-Shirt. He is holding up a sonic screwdriver with a red light and the background is a superimposed spacescape

Meet Louis Moorhouse

Our tactile-audio Doctor Who experience was only made possible thanks to lifelong Whovian, Louis Moorhouse.

“I’ve been a Doctor Who fan for as long as I remember, but I hadn’t fully met the weird and wonderful characters, aliens, monsters and devices used in the show until now. In my own way, I’m able to see the TARDIS, the Daleks, Cybermen and so much more. Knowing that this will benefit so many other fans, and maybe inspire new ones, is amazing.”

A tactile white picture of the Tardis

What’s Inside?

The first release in our series of three Doctor Who experiences for blind and visually impaired people includes the TARDIS and the first four incarnations of the Doctor, alongside legendary adversaries.

Join a host of fan-favourites including Tom Baker, ‘voice of The Daleks’ Nick Briggs, Sir Derek Jacobi and Katy Manning as they take blind and visually impaired Whovians on a series of epic journeys through time and space.

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