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“I would be so lonely without it”- Book Club member Sue’s story

19th July 2018

Living Paintings Touch to See Book Clubs bring together blind people from all walks of life to learn, find new interests and make friends. After losing her sight, Sue’s local group provided just the creative space and contact with others she so greatly needed. This is Sue’s story.

Sue says, “The other club members are my family, we work together and help each other with our art work. It’s lovely to work as a team, we all encourage each other. I would be so lonely without it”.

Sue went completely blind 12 years ago, due to an auto immune disease. She used to love creating art but after losing her sight her visual world was consumed by darkness and she thought the door was closed to taking part in art activities again.

Sue receiving a blind bowling award

Living Paintings’ Touch to See book clubs have given her a new way of doing things and she hasn’t looked back since. The first experience she had of Living Paintings was listening to the description of Sunflowers by Vincent van Gogh.

Sue says, “It was very poignant as my mother had drawn me a picture of the Sunflowers when I was younger. It’s now hanging on my wall at home. It bought back fond memories for me.”

Sunflowers by Vincent van Gogh, tacteil picture of a vase of big yellow sunflowers.

Since joining the Touch to See Book Club Sue’s confidence has increased and it’s helped her socialise with like-minded people and make new friends.

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