My greatest source of comfort was from Living Paintings

Living Paintings

“My greatest source of comfort was from Living Paintings.”

30th July 2020

British Wildflowers pack shot with tactile image of flowers and a colour image pack

Rosalyn has been a Living Paintings library member since September 2018 and during this time she has borrowed and enjoyed a whole range of books, and topical packs from our library. Rosalyn got in touch to tell us how much she has really appreciated and valued our service, particularly through the tough days of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Rosalyn said,

“During the difficult days of lockdown my greatest source of support and comfort was from the Living Paintings library. Living Paintings continued to operate sending out their books of magic whilst so many other services, and libraries had to close. I am partially sighted myself, very elderly, housebound, live alone and socially isolated. The lovely staff at Living Paintings library are always warm and friendly and take time to discuss the books and resources that give me so much pleasure. And also, they take an interest in me personally. The quality of care that they give me is hugely beneficial to my well-being. I have the books and resource packs that occupy my mind and help to protect me from all the negativity around.

The audio commentary together with the music and authentic soundscapes transport me to other places – utterly enjoyable.

The books are so beautifully read that I feel the presence of the readers still with me afterwards. I can switch my mind off from all the chaos going on in the outside world, and listen to their soothing voices.

I receive the greatest, personal care from the Living Paintings library, which I never needed more so then during the lockdown period, Living Paintings were my lockdown hero!”

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