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Enjoying storytime and reading – Fred’s story

18th August 2015

Fred with Touch to See delivery from Living Paintings

“Hi, my name’s Karen and I wanted to tell you about how my son, Fred, loves receiving his Living Paintings’ brown box in the post:

Once every few months a well travelled box lands on our doorstep. It’s brown, square and, to be honest, usually a bit tatty. Well loved! We enjoy thinking about all the children the box has travelled to – other boys and girls like Fred who can’t see very well. Sharing its wonderful books and bringing stories alive.

library member reading touch to see book Living Paintings

We signed up to Living Paintings over two years ago now and still look forward to our box! During pre-school Fred really enjoyed the picture books with the touchy bumpy pictures. Now, with a year of school under his belt, he is really loving his storytime and reading.

He now chooses his own books and goes straight for the bumpy pictures and tells us all about the main characters. We then dive into story after story. Bedtime has been brought forward as storytime gets longer. Once we have exhausted our stash of books, off they go, packed in their well-loved box, back to the library and out to another family. If that box could talk I bet it could really tell a tale or two of its own”.

library member reading touch to see book Living Paintings

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