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Volunteer story: Judy

12th May 2016

Judy smiling at the camera during a day volunteering for Living Paintings

We can’t make and produce new books without the help of all of our volunteers. Judy paints feely pictures that go into the children’s books, creates colour selections (this involves choosing which paints to use when we start a project) and has also done line drawings from which our carver has created new tactile pictures. Judy has a wonderful skill for painting and drawing, an eye for detail and is so talented. We are so grateful to have her on board as one of our cherished volunteers. Here’s Judy to share her story.

“Hi Judy here,

In June 2011 I went to a church fete and happened to see a practical display of how the painting was done for the children’s tactile and audio books at Living Paintings.

Previously I had seen newspaper articles asking for volunteer painters to come forward, but really wasn’t sure that I, as a watercolour painter, had the appropriate skill level.  Once I saw the painters in action, I knew I could do it – and I have loved doing it ever since.

The “working hours” are so flexible.  Come in for 2 to 3 hours in a morning or afternoon (or both!) on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.  It’s that simple.

But, having said that, once we all start painting, the concentration level is enormous.  We certainly get through a lot of paint pots!  And when there’s a deadline on, everyone pitches in to make sure it’s met.

For me, volunteering for Living Paintings has been (and continues to be) a wonderful experience.  I’m so glad to have gone to that church fete!”

Would you like to use your art skills for a good cause? Do you have time to help a small, national charity?

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