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School library raises money on World Book Day

6th April 2017

A big thank you to Royal Russell School library for raising £133 at their World Day Book Day book sale.

Jenny, assistant librarian at Royal Russell School, explains more…

“Every year, to coincide with World Book Day, we hold a book sale in the Library to raise funds for a chosen charity.

A few weeks before the sale, I came across an article about Living Paintings which prompted me to research them a little more. I was impressed to read about such a unique and important service being provided and was only too happy to be able to make Living Paintings the recipient of our fundraising.

On World Book Day staff and pupils were armed with monies and bought lots of books for themselves, family and friends and there was a lively atmosphere around the tables as pupils made their choices.”

As a special thank you all of our fundraising stars receive a handmade tactile certificate to proudly display, just like this one adorning the wall in the library at Royal Russell School.

Certificate displayed on a school wall display

If your school or library would like to raise money for Living Paintings please call 01635 299771 or email and we can provide you with help and cheer you on.

A mobile phone sitting on a wooden table top and wrapped in earphones displays the Living Paintings website.


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