Protecting our planet: accessible picture books for eco-warriors!

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Protecting our planet: accessible picture books for eco-warriors!

22nd April 2024

Picture books are a great way to start conversations with youngsters about the important issues that impact our lives. To celebrate Earth Day 2024, we’re shining a light on the accessible Touch to See picture books in our collection that can help blind and visually impaired children understand one of the most important issues we face: our planet.

From issues around conservation, pollution and climate change, our accessible picture books give blind and visually impaired children the opportunity to explore the environment around them through touch and sound. We’ve picked out some of our favourite picture books that tackle these issues – perfect for little eco-warriors!

Our collection of picture books below features lovable characters who dive into exciting adventures all while exploring the importance of protecting our environment. Tag along with Stanley the plastic bag on an unusual adventure – or learn how to be the ultimate ‘green superhero’. These Touch to See picture books are all about spreading impactful messages through engaging, fun stories.

Together, we can all make a difference and create a greener, more joyful world for everyone.

Let’s share the love for reading and explore more with #EarthDay

Clean Up!

Written By Nathan Bryon

Illustrated by Dapo Adeola

This beautiful touching story follows Rocket on vacation at her grandparents’ and how she finds out how pollution is affecting their home and the animals surrounding it. Our audio guide is read by presenter and artist Josie D’Arby.

Michael Recycle

Written by Ellie Bethal

Illustrated by Alexandra Colombo

Join Michael Recycle, the eco-friendly hero, on his mission to save the town of Abberdoo-Rimey and show the residents that recycling can be enjoyable! This engaging story is told through rhyme and encourages young readers to become eco-conscious superheroes. The book is perfect for enjoyable learning and is aimed at inspiring the next generation to protect our world through recycling.

Little, BIG DREAMS David Attenborough

Written by Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara

Illustrated by Mikyo Noh

Dive into the captivating life story of David Attenborough, the legendary broadcaster and nature advocate, in this beloved Little People, BIG DREAMS series. Follow his life story as he goes from a nature-obsessed little boy to the world’s most beloved environmentalist – inspiring generations to cherish and protect our precious natural world.

Somebody Swallowed Stanley

Written by Sarah Roberts

Illustrated by Hannah Peck

This enchanting picture book dives into the story of Stanley, the plastic bag who finds himself lost in the vast ocean. Mistaken for a jellyfish, he is swallowed by unsuspecting sea creatures as he drifts through the ocean. The author, Sarah Roberts, lends her voice to guide us through this gorgeously illustrated book that spreads pollution awareness.


Written by David Day

Illustrated by Abigail Pizer

Tippu tells the tale of a family of elephants who face a challenge to survive when ivory hunters encroach upon their habitat. The young elephants, separated from their parents, experience fear and isolation until a wise old stork guides them to safety. This powerful, important story explores themes of unity and hope while shining a light on the issue of elephant poaching.

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