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Volunteer story: Maureen

16th March 2016

Maureen sitting in an office chair, smiling.

“Hello. My name is Maureen and I have been a volunteer with Living Paintings for several years. As an avid reader myself I can only imagine how it must be to lose that ability. If I can help someone to share my joy of books, by giving a few hours of my time, that is great.

I knew of Living Paintings through my husband, Len, who has been a volunteer for several years. He does the line drawings and carvings which are used to make the tactile pictures.

I help the library with the Touch to See Book Clubs which, if you don’t know, are where a group of blind, partially sighted and sighted people meet to use Living Paintings’ books. The Book Club resources have ten copies of each tactile picture, instead of just the one, so they can all join in. There is an accompanying audio on CD or USB.

My main job is checking the books that are being borrowed by the Touch to See Book Clubs in and out. I also help with other things such as telephone calls and admin. I really enjoy feeling I am doing something that makes a difference to the Book Club members’ quality of life.”

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