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New Book Club title, Culture Mix – “It was so engaging.”

15th February 2017

Bronze coloured replicas of the Buddha tactile image, as replicated buy the book club art group members.

This Touch to See Book gives members a vibrant taste of the cultural mix of Asia – from the serene mysticism of the Buddhist religion in Pakistan to the spellbinding storytelling tradition of Javanese Theatre of Shadows.

The fascinating audio from the British Museum talks about the physical characteristics of the seated Buddha which is now so familiar to us. It also shows the link between wealth and spirituality as the silk trade helped the spread of Buddhism through the continent.

A sculpted seated figure with crossed legs.

We’ve highlighted two pieces that were featured in the Radio 4 collaboration with the British Museum, The History of the World in 100 Objects.

Theatre of Shadows is an intricate and beautiful storytelling art form which has been around for hundreds of years. The figure of Bima, which features in this book, is the hero of the great Hindu epic about good and evil, The Mahabharata.

One Club leader said,
“It was so engaging for our Club members we listened to the audio during several art sessions. These fantastic audio descriptions enrich our art sessions and gave great focus to everyone, it got everyone discussing the Great Bhudda. It helped us draw our very own versions on tactile foil. Thank you again for the inspiration!”

Borrow Culture Mix for Book Clubs or A History of the World in 100 Objects for adults at home, from our FREE library.

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