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An ever-growing collection of tactile books for book clubs

12th July 2018

We have more than 40 tactile and audio books for Touch to See book clubs to borrow and there’s something for every interest: from romance to the natural world, gardens, cooking, theatre, the Olympic Games, fishing, fashion, Shakespeare’s heroes and heroines, plus true stories and surreal dreams.

Tactile pictures of the Olympic rings and a Greek vase and athlete throwing a javelin

Each title includes:

Our T2C book club titles are specially designed to be flexible so that each club can run an informal listening experience that suits their members’ needs. For instance, recent feedback has suggested that some members can find it hard to concentrate so focusing on one image description during one session and another during another session is a great way of getting the most of the resources. And, as all titles have a loan period of 3 months, splitting the books over one or more sessions works wonderfully.

Our library volunteers often get requests from book club leaders to renew their loans an additional 3 months, which we’re very happy to accommodate. Renewing gives our library members the time they need to enjoy and digest all the interesting stories, facts and information our unique tactile and audio books have to offer, while perhaps spark interesting discussions or activities too.

A print-out and tactile picture of the Pillars of Creation also known as Eagle Nebula

A mobile phone sitting on a wooden table top and wrapped in earphones displays the Living Paintings website.


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