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The Snail and the Whale splashes into the library

12th December 2019

Front cover of 'The Snail and the Whale' next to a tactile picture of the whale, snail and rock.

Living Paintings is pleased to announce our latest Touch to See book is now in the library and ready for borrowing. As luck, and a bit of careful planning, would have it, our tactile and audio version of Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler’s The Snail and the Whale is also this year’s Christmas animation special on BBC One. We hope our tactile and audio version of this super kids book is not only enjoyable by itself but makes the TV animation version accessible too.

The Snail and the Whale is a charming story that follows a teeny, tiny snail and an enormous humpback whale as they travel the world in search of adventure. Their journey ends unexpectedly as the whale finds itself in danger. Thankfully, friendship, community spirit and a whole heap of courage from one very small creature save the day!

Our Touch to See adaptation of the book features hand-painted tactile pictures, braille (in UEB grade 1 and 2) and audio descriptions read by British actress Rachael Stirling.

A huge thank you to publisher, Macmillan Books, Rachael Stirling, our skilled volunteers who handcrafted every tactile image, and Hays Travel Foundation for funding this project.

Here’s two members enjoying their copies.

A young library member feeling a tactile picture of the whale from the book.

A young library member reading braille.

A young library member, Zannah, putting the audio guide CD into her Frozen-themed CD player.

A young library member, Matilda, looking up at the camera as she feels the braille in the book. A Christmas tree is in the background.

Matilda holding 'The Snail and the Whale' showing the front cover of the book to the camera.

Matilda looking down at the front cover of the book.

Borrow The Snail and the Whale from our FREE library

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