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Top picture books about jobs and people who help

We often get requests for books about jobs and especially people that help us like firemen and policemen.  We’ve picked four books from our library, for different ages, that feature people doing these jobs plus a train driver and farmer.

Faster, Faster Little Red Train by Benedict Blathwayt is an exhilarating tale of the day when the Little Red Train and Duffy the Driver have to race to get their passengers to the fair on time.

Little steam red train, tactile picture.

Judith Kerr’s classic tale, Mog the Forgetful Cat, is about a family cat who is always in trouble for forgetting things.  She forgets that she has a cat flap and that she’s already had her tea.  However, one day her forgetfulness comes in handy when she spots something suspicious.  The tactile picture includes a policeman so it’s the ideal book to introduce young children aged 5-7 years to the job that they do.

A policeman tactile picture.

Another important job portrayed in a colourful, fun style for very young children (0-5 years) is Flashing Fire Engines by Tony Mitton and Ant Parker.  They can jump aboard the bright red fire engine with a trio of friendly animal firefighters as sirens wail, lights flash, fire hoses squirt and fires blaze.  Part of the Amazing Machines range of book,s this has snappy text and colourful tactile pictures but also contains plenty of useful facts to help with teaching.

A mouse dressed as fireman holding a large hosepipe.

A book for older children (7-11 years) which teaches about farming and rural living is the charming Floss by Kim Lewis.  With beautiful illustrations and a gentle story about a dog, Floss, who goes to live on a farm and has to learn how to be a sheepdog, this is the perfect book to talk about how farmers and agriculture play a vital role in our society.

Tactile picture of a farmer from Floss, with braille and text page in background.

We hope you find these books useful when you’re talking to your child about jobs that people do to help us.

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