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Fact file: Protoceratops

Protoceratops, a large headed four legged dinosaur with a beak like mouth.Name: Protoceratops

Meaning: first horned face

How to say it: pro-toe-ser-ah-tops

Where found: China, Mongolia

Length: 1.8m

Height: 60cm

Weight: 400kg

How it walked: on four legs

Teeth: shearing and grinding teeth with a horned beak at the front

Type of feeder: herbivorous

Food: plant material

Period: late Cretaceous

When it lived: (85 – 80 million years ago)

Other info: Named by Granger and Gregory in 1923. Lots of skeletons found together suggest that they travelled in herds. It is also thought that the mothers looked after their young at nests.

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