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Fact File: Iguanadon

Iguanodon with baby walking through tree lined landscape.

Name: Iguanadon

Meaning: Iguana Tooth

How to say it: Ig-WAN-oh-DON

Where found: Europe, North America, Africa and Asia

Length: 9 metres

Height: 5 metres

Weight: 4.5 tonnes

How it walked: On all four legs but could also walk on back two

Teeth: Turtle-like horny toothless beak and tightly packed cheek teeth

Type of feeder: Herbivore (plant eater)

Food: Ferns, conifers and cycads

Period: Early Cretaceous

When it lived: 100-132 million years ago

Type of hip: Bird-hipped

Other info: One of the first known dinosaurs to be able to chew. It could rear up onto its two back legs in order to escape predators and used its hands to gather food (its thumb had a vicious defensive spike)

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