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Every picture tells a story, collection for 4-8 year olds

Our picture book library is full of illustrated stories that depict colourful characters, fantastical animals and worlds, wild animals and pets, people, machines and transport and much more. Colourful illustrations extend the storytelling experience and can transport the reader – this makes reading great for relaxation, escapism, inspiring the imagination and helping children to explore their creativity.

Our picture books with added braille, painted tactile pictures and audio guides make wondrous visual worlds accessible to blind and partially sighted children.

We recommend these books written by author/illustrators that celebrate the creative imagination and the art of illustration in their storytelling.

Gorilla written and illustrated by Anthony Browne:

Gorilla written and illustrated by Anthony Browne. A gorilla, dressed in an overcoat, bow tie and trilby hat, gently holds a girl under his arm as he swings on a tree branch past a surprised ginger cat.

Gorilla written and illustrated by Anthony Browne. Published by Walker Books.

To help you explore this book and the work of Anthony Browne further we’ve included a few extra audio tracks. You can find out why Anthony Browne loves gorillas so much; explore his use of famous works of art; discover a world of heroes and villains and think about the use of colours and patterns in the Gorilla story.

Where the Wild Things Are written and illustrated by Maurice Sendak:

Tactile picture from Where the Wild Things Are showing Max and the wild things.

Flying Diggers written and illustrated by David Melling:

An orange digger with a driver in yellow hat and a crocodile below.

David Melling has created a Doodle Diary for our picture book Hub. Each monthly doodle has an audio guide so that blind children can enjoy it. Each doodle gives an insight into the life of an illustrator, the characters and book ideas David’s working and much more.

Faster, Faster, Little Red Train written and illustrated by Benedict Blathwayt

A red steam train.

Benedict Blathwayt’s illustrations contain lots of details with lots happening in them that aren’t always part of the story, so they are great fun to explore and talk about. We do describe each illustrated page on the audio guide. However, this book is great for sighted and visually impaired children to explore and discuss together for developing communication skills, descriptive language and promoting shared experiences.

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