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Stone Age Boy

Written by Satoshi Kitamura
Illustrated by Satoshi Kitamura

Suitable for: 7-11 years (Key stage 2)

Sponsored by: The Players of the People's Postcode Lottery

Available braille grades: Grade 1, Grade 2

One day a little boy is walking along when he trips, stumbles and falls … into the Stone Age! He meets a girl his own age and her clan, and learns all about their way of life. He watches them make tools, clothes and weapons. He sees how they hunt, fish, cook, celebrate – and even how they paint on the walls of caves. But when a furious cave bear attacks, he wakes up back in his own time. Was it all a dream? You decide! This picture book is read by comedian, novelist and presenter, David Baddiel. We also include some detailed descriptions of Stone Age animals which is read by Alison Roberts, curator at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, who is an expert on this subject.

Listen to an audio clip

Hello I am going to share a brilliant book with you about a boy that goes on a fascinating adventure but not to space or to the jungle. Can you guess where he goes?

Here we find out where our girl has taken the boy … she’s dragged him to the camp to meet her family. The boy stands a short distance away at the edge of a group of people from babies to grandads. The boy is the centre of their curious attention.

The big picture on the right page shows the celebrations which follow a successful hunt. In the centre is a fire and over it, roasting above the flames, is a joint of reindeer meat. Dancing around the fire, in a circle, are the hunters. Small children are also dancing and joining in the fun. A woman sitting on an animal skin is clapping to a rhythm and another lady is banging on a drum. On the right, Om is playing on a pipe which is probably made of a hollow bone with holes in it. Behind her Stone Age Boy is playing air guitar. There’s a happy relaxed atmosphere in the picture.

What's inside

    • A picture book with braille pages and raised tactile images.
    • Audio descriptions with music and sound effects in your chosen format of either CD or USB.
    • An ‘Articles for the Blind’ returns label for the free and convenient return of the box.

    Touch to see image list

    Boy with Stone Age Girl
    Stone Age Camp
    Cave Paintings

    What our members say

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    We really enjoyed using this book! We really enjoyed using this book alongside our classmates. It was lovely to feel the pictures to compare the boy and girl. Lots of the children with vision even liked to feel the raised pictures too. We also used the book in a phonics lesson when the children had to look for ‘ir’ sounds. Teacher
    We enjoyed this book very much My son enjoyed this book very much. He explored the raised images with confidence and I believe his understanding of the engaging story was enhanced by them. As someone who enjoys history myself, it was great to be able to share this interest with my son and to find something else we can both enjoy. Parent
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