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Here we have castles and farmsteads, chapels and rail terminals, galleries and museums of many centuries and styles. The earliest is dated 1385 and the most recent 1994. They are in different parts of Britain, from Devon and Sussex to Edinburgh and Glasgow, and most are accessible to the public. They are representative examples of their type and we hope you will enjoy learning more about the buildings and their history.

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Bodiam Castle in East Sussex exemplifies both the logic and the beauty of late Gothic castles, which means those built in the 14th Century just before a more ordered way of life together with the development of gunpowder and cannon, rendered them obsolete. The almost square stronghold constructed of fine masonry is in the middle of a man-made lake. Round towers at each corner (curved walls being strongest as constructions and also most difficult to attack) gave views in every direction. There are square towers at the centres of each side, those on the north and south forming 'posterns' or entrance gates which could only be reached by drawbridge or boat - all this could surely not have been more sensibly organised? Yet turrets and water, bridges and battlements in the midst of lovely countryside - could anything be more romantically picturesque? The answer is Yes. It could, and possibly was, in its heyday in the 1390s.

What's inside

  • Bodiam Castle, East Sussex
  • Bayleaf Farmstead, Sussex
  • King’s College Chapel, Cambridge
  • The Custom House, Exeter
  • Chiswick House, London
  • Woodhall Park, Hertfordshire
  • National Gallery of Scotland, Edinburgh
  • University Museum, Oxford, Interior
  • The Hill House, Helensburgh
  • Royal College of Physicians, London
  • Channel Tunnel Waterloo Terminal, London

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