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Living Paintings

A journey through time and space for blind and visually impaired people

We’re delighted to have launched the first in our series of Doctor Who tactile-audio experiences for blind and visually impaired people. In this first release, we jump onboard the iconic TARDIS with the first four incarnations of the Doctor and meet legendary adversaries the Daleks, Cybermen, Sontarans and Davros.

A host of fan-favourites read the audio descriptions provide exclusive Who content and guide fingers over the tactile images, helping blind and visually impaired fans to see through touch and build a picture in their mind. Join our guides Tom Baker, Nick Briggs, Sir Derek Jacobi, Katy Manning, Stephen Noonan, Michael Troughton, Tim Trealor, Dan Starkey and Terry Molloy as they bring the Whoniverse to life for blind and visually impaired children.

Take a sneak peak inside the resources below, including sample audio from our readers.

Introduction and The TARDIS

The First Doctor and the Daleks in the story ‘The Daleks’

The Second Doctor and the Cybermen in the story ‘The Tomb of the Cybermen’

The Third Doctor and the Sontarans in the story ‘The Time Warrior’

The Fourth Doctor and Davros in the story ‘Genesis of the Daleks’

Latest Doctor Who News

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