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Living Paintings

The Big Christmas Read

Your challenges

Jacob smiles and holds up a Touch to See adaptation of the Smeds and the Smoos

Jacob from Essex, aged 7

Jacob is severely visually impaired, he loves using our Touch to See Books to learn what the characters and creatures are like in his favourite books.

Reading challenge
Jacob’s impressive reading challenge is to read two books a week until Christmas.

Jai reading Touch to See book Goodnight Spaceman

Jai-Ryan from Hertforshire, aged 7

Being blind doesn’t stop Jai-Ryan from being able to use his vivid imagination, and with books from Living Paintings there are no limits on where he can go. He dreams of being the first blind child on the moon!

Reading challenge
Jai-Ryan has decided to read one book a day for the Big Christmas Read, to help raise money and awareness so that other blind children can fulfill their potential just like him. Each book takes an hour to read so this is a big challenge!

Matilda read the Snail and the Whale with a Christmas tree in the background

Matilda, aged 4

Matilda has oculocutaneous albinism and is visually impaired. Her mum, Laura, found it difficult to get Matilda engaged with picture books, no matter how she tried. But now with Living Paintings’ Touch to See books, the whole family can enjoy reading together.

Reading challenge
Matilida and her mum are going to read a picture book together every day until Christmas.

Tobias using a Touch to See book

Tobias from Somerset

Five year old Tobias is a new library member who absolutely loves our books.

Reading challenge
Tobias is reading 2 picture books with Mummy at bedtime, every day in December.

Monty reading the Smeds and the Smoos

Monty from Hampshire

Five year old Monty has glaucoma so he can’t just pick up a book and look at the pictures in the same way that most children can, but because he can feel and hear about the pictures in our books he doesn’t miss out.

Reading challenge
Monty is reading three picture books a week until the end of January.

child looking at Elmer Touch to See book with teacher

Brooklands School in North Yorkshire

Reading challenge
Reading one picture book a week as a class.

Chris sitting in an armchair reading a Charles Dickens novel

Chris from Wiltshire

Reading Challenge
For my challenge I am going to read every Charles Dickens novel. I’ve already read five, that leaves 10 more to complete the set.

I’m raising money to help blind children enjoy reading too.

William closes his eyes to see what it's like not being able to see while touching a tactile image of Elmer the elephant.

William, aged 4

William loves stories and picture books and wants to help blind children read the books he enjoys. Here he’s closing his eyes and feeling a tactile picture of Elmer.

Reading challenge
William and his mummy are going to read one picture book a day together, from the 1st to the 25th December.

Layla from Kingsclere

Reading challenge
“Hello my name is Layla, I am 5, I am from Kingsclere. I will be reading a book with mummy every night to help raise money for children who can not see as well as me.”

Thank you Layla!

Cooper from Kingsclere

Cooper goes to school in Kingsclere where Living Paintings are based and decided to take part to support us because we do so much for our library members.

Reading challenge
Read six chapter books before January.

Zinovia, aged 8

Reading challenge
Reading one Touch to See book a week.

Gabriel from Preston, aged 3

Reading challenge
Library member Gabriel has pledged to 24 hours of reading!

Keziah from Suffolk, aged 12

Reading challenge
“I would like to pledge to read 1 small book or a couple of chapters of a longer book each day until the New Year.”


Reading challenge
Adult library member Stephen has pledged to read one Touch to See book a week.

Heather from Norwich

Reading challenge
Reading for 24 hours.

A mobile phone sitting on a wooden table top and wrapped in earphones displays the Living Paintings website.

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