We have redesigned our website.

A few things have changed (for the better) and others may have moved around a bit. You can browse our library, log in to your library membership account  or join our library. If you get stuck give us a ring on 01635 299 771.

Living Paintings

The Big Christmas Read

Fundraising resources

You’ll find links below to set up a Just giving Page, print out a sponsorship form or view and order leaflets and posters. Please get in touch if you’d like any help with your fundraising.

Hugless Douglas the Bear sitting on the snow wearing a festive scarf whilst reading and listening to an audio book with his friends the sheep.

Setting up a Just Giving page

For online sponsorship for your reading challenge you can join as a fundraiser on our Big Christmas Read Just Giving campaign page.

A small thumbnail of the sponsorship form

Sponsorship form

If you’d rather fundraise offline, please print out our sponsorship form.

An example of a printable flyer with Hugless Douglas on the front

Spread the word

We have flyers and posters available, please let us know how many you would like and we can send these out to you.

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Thank you for joining the Big Christmas Read and helping children like Jai-Ryan, Matilda and Jacob.

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A mobile phone sitting on a wooden table top and wrapped in earphones displays the Living Paintings website.

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