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How to take part

You can take on your own reading challenge, or read about and sponsor other people’s challenges.

Everyone can take part, whether you are young or old, sighted or visually impaired. You can join as an individual, a family, a class at school, a book group or a team at work.

Matilda read the Snail and the Whale with a Christmas tree in the background

Step one

Choose your reading challenge

You can choose your own challenge, or use one of our suggestions. Blind or partially sighted people don’t need to read braille to take part, you can use our Touch to See books audio and tactile images instead, or listen to audio books. Here are a few ideas;

There are no rules as to which type of books you read as long as you will enjoy reading them!

Person's hands typing on the keyboard of a a laptop

Step 2

Sign up

Use our simple pledge form to let us know what challenge you have taken on, we’ll display pledges on our website with your permission.

The Smeds and The Smoos open book with braille and feely picture

Step 3

Choose your books

If you are one of our library members you can choose and order your Touch to See books online.

Library member Jacob reading a Touch to See book with his brother and sister with a Christmas tree in the background

Step 4

Ask people to sponsor you

We ask that sighted participants pledge to ask for sponsorship. Our library members should not feel obliged to seek sponsorship, as we don’t want anyone to miss out on taking part. However if you are able to ask friends, family, colleagues or your school to sponsor you, it will mean we can bring Christmas to life for more blind children this year and every year.

You can raise money online with Just Giving on the Big Christmas Read Campaign page. Just ask if you need any help getting set up. You can also print out a sponsorship form.

Woman reading a book next to a Christmas tree

Step 5

Start reading!

You can start your challenge any time during December and keep going until January the 15th. During the challenge we’d love to hear how you are getting on and for you to share this with others to help raise funds and awareness of our work. We can also send you resources to help you keep track of your progress.

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