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Our annual survey: Five minutes to make a difference

20th September 2022

Our service in completely free for all blind and partially sighted children and adults, their families and people who work with them. It’s only thanks to the support we get from our donors that we are able to continue to do this.

Every year, we receive vital funding from organisations such as Children in Need that helps us continue our work. Funding such as this is a huge lifeline for us, especially in the current times that we are living in. We receive no statutory or government funding. Without the support of our donors we simply couldn’t continue to operate.

In order to continue to benefit from this vital funding, it’s so important that we are able to demonstrate the impact of our work on the children using our service. This is where we need your help!

Can you give five minutes of your time?

If your child, or a child you work with, benefits from the service we provide it would be hugely appreciated if you could spend five minutes filling in our annual survey.

Every response makes a difference in helping us reach more blind children and improve our service.

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